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Aug 10, 2005
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So i've been looking for a Laptop lately and the boss is selling his.

2.5ghz Pentium 4
60gig HD
24x Cd burner/DVD combo
Wireless internet
XP Home (bleh)

$600 Canadian ($550 U.S)

Good Deal?
1.5 years old no warranty.
i think so, id prefer more ram and beter processor for thing like PS to run smoothly... seems a good price, as on dell you can get for same money a 15.ghz laptop with 256 mb ram...

Im not sure dont only take my opinio lol... im only a kid..
Thats about 315 pounds..... hmmm.... its pretty good.... got a pentium 4 and 512 ram is sufficient.... its difficult tho with second hand computers to know how much its been used, weather its had problems or not etc..... If he'll go as low as 285 (so thats about $570 canadian) then i'd be tempted.... as long as he lets you test drive it for a few days too.
Yeah, I already called and stuff to find out what if anything has been done and it's in good shape.

Now I'm looking on line and it looks like I can get new for not much more.

Might just do that now.

Bah. If he goes to $500 I'll grab it.
your boss ..... hmmm... cant you buy it and use it as an excuse for a bribe :D, maybe some big bonus or something :D
yea i'd deal at $500.... if not get a new dell or summin :thumbup:
That's what I was looking at. Same thing with a warranty is only $800 from dell.
personally if i had the cash... i'd get a new one, i'm seriously considering a dell laptop at the moment aswell, so i can give my back a rest from being sat at a desk all day.... saying that if someone i knew well was getting rid of one for a REALLY good price, i would have it off em, but the deal has to good... he cant really expect to even get half what the laptop is worth new.... computers dont hold up long with todays prices, so either tell him your doing him a favour for taking it at half price $400!.... or show him what its worth new and if he still wont budge on the price, get the new one.
Yeah..the only problem is my boss is the best sales guy in the office.

Go figure.
:lol: .... you cant out sell a salesman right!..... i would still give it a go.... or if you can wait a while he'll soon find he wont get $600... then you could make an offer. A good reason for new tho is the warranty... so if you get dicked around, just play safe and buy new..... got me tempted now!... gonna have to check out the dell site.
699+tax here for 1.5 Celeron 512 Ram 40gig HD. Comes with a wireless router and carry case too.

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