Confusing model release, pls help me not look like an idiot!


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Mar 1, 2013
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I need to get a model release for a client, but am a bit confused by the blank spaces. It basically says:
I give permission to _____ (photographer) to use all photos taken as part of the photographic session that occured on _______ at ______ (the "Content"), including the unrestricted rights to publish, reproduce bla blabla.

At first I thought it would be on (date) at (either time or location). But why then does it say (the "Content") right after it? It's actually on the next line but I don't think that is intentional, just the line ran out of space.

Anyone have any ideas? Is it the time of the shoot? The location? Or .... The content, what ever that means?

Then there is another part at the very end, it is under the section of "if model is a minor" so am not sure if it is needed or not but it asks for a visual reference of model here: (photo area).

Do I attach a photo of the model there? Is that only for minors? This damn paper is so confusing :/

I know I could just ask but I am quite new and apperance is very important, I don't want to look inexperienced to the client.

Full form can be seen here:
Its trying to define the term "The Content" as the photographs that were taken at the specified date and place. So later when you read "the content" its basically a substitution photoshoot that took place on (x date) at (y location). Not sure about the last part though.
Not confusing if you're familiar with contracts. In the beginning they describe/define terms that will be used multiple times in the contract. Instead of typing the entire phrase every time they define the content.
If the model is a minor then do this part and IF THE MODEL IS NOT A MINOR don't do that part.
A photo would be a visual reference and appropriate since the model can't legally sign the contract.

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