Confusion around making digital albums - can you help me?


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Apr 14, 2007
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Dayton, Ohio
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I have been trying to figure out the best way to deliver final proofs, where to go for my final printed pics and how to create digital albums for brides. I hear so many words flying around like "flush album, imount album, renaissance album" etc. It is so confusing!

I first started with Art Leather but I was very unimpressed because I had several mishaps with my order and the customer service was not what I expected. I recently went to a local wedding show and peeked at the vendors samples are saw that many of them used Zookbinders. After looking at their website I'm very impressed with what I'm seeing. My problem still comes back to how to design the digital albums.

Zookbinders calls their digital albums "Zook Book". They also offer "matted albums" that appear to have more to them than just slipping in pictures. I am going to call them and go over it all but I was hoping someone who works with them could give me some pointers on where to begin to create the pages for the Zook Book. Or if you have recommendations of other vendors I'm open to that as well.

I've also learned about It seems that Zookbinders accepts orders from Labprints. Does anyone use them as a way to design prints? I also noticed that you can host your images at Labprints and have brides order them online vs. giving them a proof book. This option seemed intriging to me. Plus I think it gave the option for brides to see her album in the final designed stages online before I would place the order.

Finally what does an average digital album cost to a photographer? What can I expect? I've seen things online ranging from $80.00 to $600.00. I'm assuming some of those include design plus print but I'm not sure.

I am finally getting my photography in a place that I'm happy with now I'm figuring out the business end of it and it's overwhelming! Any help is greatly appreciated.
When I was still in college I was constatly looking up album suppliers. I remember looking at Zookbinders but since I wasn't a business I couldn't get much info from them.
I actually go through Asukabook now. I am really happy with them. Everyone loves how the books are really thin. I think they have design services but I always design my own. Several different types of binding/sizes/pages.... mine usually run around $200 after shipping. It takes 4 weeks to get in. Seems like forever! But, I don't know how long it takes other places. I don't know much about other places so I don't really have a lot to compare to, but I am really happy with what I got. I also offer the smaller 7x7 books for parents albums.

Totally understand about the business stuff. Finally feel like i am somewhat getting it under control if that is even possible!
How do you design them yourself? In Photoshop or with templates?
Well, you have to download 'templates' that show all the guidelines and that have the correct file naming to order. But besides the guidelines everything is blank. I design it in photoshop. I know there are several prorgams out that you can go through to get templates or designers. Templates just don't work for me....maybe one day I will make my own, but right now I am happy.
I'm with nkmaurer on the Asukabooks. I have gone through them and really loved the products. Also if something is misaligned or if they think there may be an error they call you up to double check, so they really review everything before they print it. They're customer service is wonderful too!

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