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Apr 19, 2009
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erie, PA
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I've been a Nikon user since I started shooting because I have heard negatives about Canon all along, but I have a friend who raves about his 40D and the lenses available for it so I've become confused. The 40D is better resolution than my D40 and the specs don't look too much off from my D40 from what I've seen online, so I'm wanting to try a Canon for myself. Unfortunately I'd have to sell my D40 to do so due to a money is there anyone wanting to purchase a gently-used Nikon D40 with less than I'd say 750 clicks? I have many accessories for it such as a battery grip w/ shutter release made by Zeikos, the 18-55mm kit lens, a 55-200mm non VR lens, a 35mm 1.8 prime lens, lens hoods, neck strap, Nikon SB600 flash, 3 batteries (1 Nikon 2 off-brand), and a couple of various 52mm filters...I'm not sure what to ask for all this so I'm listening to offers. I have 100% feedback on Ebay in case you're wondering if I'm safe to deal with. My user-name is yamahariderr6. All is in perfect working order but sorry no pics due to no other camera to use to do so. Thanks, Jeff Duke
I'd be interested in the SB600 and 35mm f1.8, can you pm me some more info and picturs of the individual items, what all comes with the lens, and some pictures taken with it and a D40? Thanks.
Why dont you consider upgrading to a different nikon camera ?
seems like the more logical option to me with all the gear that you already have.
Why dont you consider upgrading to a different nikon camera ?
seems like the more logical option to me with all the gear that you already have.

I agree.

Or if you *really* want to try out a canon... why not rent whatever body you're interested in to see if you really want it, rather than selling ALL of your Nikon stuff just to "try" a Canon and risking you won't like it?

And that's coming from a Canon user... I luff my Canon, but there might be things about it you won't like. For example: I'm not a Canon fangirl by any means... I respect Nikon users and cameras, however, recently I've gotten to handle a few Nikons and there are subtle things that drive me nuts. Like... the fact that the ones I handled don't fit my hand very well... and the meter is backwards from what I'm used to... :lol:

Aside from the fact that you'd have to completely rebuild what you already have, you might not like certain things about Canon, so I would rent one first before you sell, if you're dead set on switching.

Or maybe (MAYBE) your friend will let you borrow theirs.

Thanks, I will be doing this tomorrow. After a little thought after posting of course :confused:, I really think that unless I find it absolutely perfect for me I'm just going to upgrade my body to another Nikon. I was told by him that he feels I have some great equipment and not to upgrade it until I exhaust every feature my camera will do, which really is great advice! Why didn't I think of that? lol I would need to replace everything and I don't have the pockets for that right now :( I'm not sure where to even "rent" one around here...I dunno anyone who rents anything photo related, but would love to find them cuz I got ideas! I shot a very small backyard wedding today and did some photos afterwards at the park, and though they loved my photos, I proved to myself that I need like a 18-135mm or 18-200mm for my photography cuz I HATE changing lenses. One of the above would help me keep one lens on my camera 99% of the time! My 55-200mm is my fav but sometimes I need my 18-55mm. When indoors I need my 35mm 1.8f to get my best exposures...Damn indoors lighting sux! lol

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