Consumer Level Film For a Beginner Photographer

Discussion in 'Beyond the Basics' started by Sash[DSL], Jul 29, 2004.

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    Jul 20, 2004
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    Im just warming up with my Pentax MZ10+35-80mm kit lens, not hoping to get anything outstanding done, just getting a feel for the camera. Dont want to spend too much money on the film, I think decent consumer level film will do the trick for me.
    I shot a few rolls of different consumer level colour negative film and here's what I got:
    1)Kodak Max - Although Ive heard many complaints about this fim, I would say it aint as bad, the colours dont look supersaturated, but theyre dont seem to be unnaturally bright. Ive seen a lot of complaints on the net about this film but i really dont think its half as bad as it is described.
    2)Kodak Gold - Probably the worst. I shot a bunch of great sunset pictures, MOST turned out very milky and undersaturated. Ill scan some and host it so you can see. I would blame this on the film, however a couple did turn out pretty good. Maybe the trick is intentionally underexposing this film? Also, I shot a few pics of flowers, looked pretty bad too - the greyish grain is very obvious in the blurred parts of the image and in the overly bright parts too.
    3)Fujicolour SuperHQ - I got this for dirt cheap at a local retailer(CAD$2.5=USD~$1.8). Mostly shot nature and stuff, the colours turned out surprisingly good, very saturated ABSOLUTELY NO MILKY FEEL TO THEM. I especially like the blacks - they look very VERY V E R Y black. However, a couple portrait shots that I took look bad, too contrasty, very weird flesh tones. Again, Ive read many complaints on this, but really dont know what is bothering people so much about it.

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    Ontario Canada

    Fuji Superia seems to be the best of the consumer level print films if money is an object

    I took a few rolls over the weekend at a motocross race and was pleased with the results considering the varied lighting conditions throughout the weekend

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