Converging verticals

Kenneth Walker

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Oct 13, 2014
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Burghfield Common, near Reading, Berkshire, UK
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Normally I try to straighten things out a bit, but in this image the verticals seem to lend something (drama?)...who would have thought an office fire escape could be exciting?

Yes, a great staircase indeed.

It's a very nice record shot showing how the staircase looks. I think a more interesting photo would be a closer shot filling the frame with part of it, or possibly looking up at it from very close.
Yes, I agree. However, the big locked gate and forbidding "private property" signs, plus the security guards having a crafty smoke were a bit off putting. Next time I'm in town I might take my folding steps to get a better angle.
very nice indeed nevertheless good idea to go back there and try some more angles and such
Yes, a different time of the day would be a good move, I feel. The afternoon would bring the sun right round to the right...early evening might be even better the whole stairwell would be lit up as the sun set.

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