Cool Flash Trick at Digital ProTalk

Ya, but who carries around a 36 inch panel with them? and IMO it looks easier to just paste him onto the background. But nonetheless thanks for sharing!
I thought, yeah right, "cool flash trick" as long as you're packing around mongo gobos and reflectors. But at least the process makes me think of creative ways to solve similar on-location lighting challenges.
An admirable blog post, but this is nothing more than a simple case of someone looking to overpower the sun. There are many ways to do this... but nothing is going to beat the results that a simple single STRONG strobe will give you.

I am not talking battery operated flashes here... I am talking 110 or 220 volt, 1000 W/s or stronger stobe and a portable power supply.

Not only will that free you of all the gymnasics of trying to over come camera sync limitations, needing to rotate the camera and what not... it gives you far superior results and expands you to be able to include a full body and maybe 5-6 more people in the pic should you want from a greater distance.

Taking pictures at high noon on the brightest day of the year no longer even becomes a consideration either... as you can overpower it.

Sometmes, artistic freedom costs money. In this case, the cost of a powerful strobe and a portable power supply (and maybe a few nice ND filters), are undeniably 4-digit purchases all together if you buy quality equipment... but nothing else comes close and the results are very rewarding on a consistent basis.

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