Covered Bridge in Maine...color or BW?


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Oct 16, 2012
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Dang Runah, that is a tough choice. The b&w is typically what I would expect of this shot, but I really like the saturation of the wood in the rafters.

I'll go with color.
What Ron said, yes. Color is a bit more pleasing to look at for the difference in the wood tones due to sunlight fading low in the structure. The B&W allows us to see the angles and shapes and lines more clearly, but I like seeing the color variation more than being forced to see this as only about "lines".
Thanks I am leaning towards color as well. Bridge got washed away a few years back and was replaced so the wood looks new enough so show warm tones.
I agree with everyone else, the B&W is quite nice, but the colour version is more visually interesting with those warm wood tones.

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