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Apr 30, 2003
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Just curious as to how you folks view your photography. Do you set out to capture images or create them? I consider my personal style as creating....not that it's better or more legitimate (regardless of what the syntax implys)...just my style. For instance, I set out to create a mood by lighting images distinctly. Some folks prefer to find beautiful things and photograph them naturally.

The reason I ask is because some of the beautiful photography on this site has made me go out and find the natural beauty in some ordinary objects and I really appreciate that.
Id like to think both. I do not set up a picture as in a sudio type why, I do capture an image just the way it is. But at the same time I think that I am creating a mood or feel to image. you could take 2 pictures of the same thing; have the camera position alittle lower, change the depth of field and make a more contrasty print, and you could get 2 very differnt images from the same subject matter.

So, I think, for me, the best way is to both capture and create a wonderful image. :)
i think i like to "capture" things/objects/people in their "natural" element ... however, i have "created" somethings .... but i prefer natural light and outside shots... sometimes i'll tweak it in photoshop to change the mood of it .. somewhat "artitic"
capture. you can create anytime. capture could mean once in a lifetime.

Definitely capture! The world we live in is so amazing and beautiful! I love the challenge of capturing it as beautiful as it is. And I agree with Enigma. You can create a entirely different mood by making some simple adjustments without creating anything that's not already there.
As an Engineer it has to be capture since my mind just works that way, however, I do envy to some degree those that create pictures.
Do you count using Photoshop and similar techniques as creativity?
I go for CAPTURE, not being very creative, and in reality a beginner, sometimes what I do capture amazes me. My wifes flowers for example give me no end of photo opertunities. I like the close up views. There is no end to the beauty that nature creates.
You know that's a good question.

I've taken recently a larger leap into this little thing called photography by buying a nicer cam (canon 10d). That was about a month ago. Since then I've been thinking about all sorts of things like subject, technical perfection, etc... but wether I was 'creating' or 'finding' a perfect shot... I can't say one or the other. Most of my shots occur between the hours of 5am and 6am which is the time it takes me to ride my bike to my 9 to 5er. During that time I can take 4 different 'routes' and know mostly the subjects that can be found on each. So really it's still about finding the shots I suppose. Though I have been on the weekends trying to create a few to see what I'm capable of beyond the morning exursions.

Perhaps that was more of a rant then a rave... but I think it answered your question.... eh? :)
When I’m out and about I’m definitely always on the look out for something to capture, sometimes I might try to bring out the subject matter, but never by artificially adding an element or influence. Astrophotography (shooting planets, galaxies etc) on the other hand are almost 100% created there’s so much equipment and so many things to consider that I usually feel overjoyed to just get something technically acceptable.
I guess more create than capture - I try to get the best results directly out of the camera... for me it means compose in the cam coz I don't like cropping too much. Less photoshopping involved.
Studiowork is definitely composing - light setup blahblah.
well, my street stuff is a little bit different, quick capture and composing as i see 'em
I'm more of a "capture" girl. There are so many things worth photographing if you happen to be in the right place, at the right time, are aware of your surroundings and have your camera/equipment with you. I also don't have creativity freely flowing so I envy those of you that can come up with ideas and create a great photograph.

Good topic!
Definitely capture for me. When I see something I like it's like a light bulb in my head. How can I best capture this in a photo? The creation comes in your composition. I do rearrange things sometimes if I could. :)

I'm not one that makes a lot of drastic modifications that it totally changes the look of the photo. I do modify a little bit to enhance the look of the picture.

But it's true some of the works of the people here are so beautifully done that they bring out the art in something so trivial and make it a wonderful work of art. That's talent.
I agree, this has been a great thread. Some very thoughtful and enlightening answers here!

I'm with ya, Capture-People. :) When you're out there and suddenly there's an image or lighting or something that strikes's a capture. Well, hopefully. :D

When you have the image at home and you might want to further "enhance" it...either in PS, or making Polaroids from slide images to manipulate, etc., then I think you're more in a creative state of mind.

Anyone see the movie "One Hour Photo"? There's a line in there, to the effect that "the word 'snapshot' was originally a hunting term". Hunting=capture, maybe?? hmmm. Anyway, I do believe photographic images are captured moments.
This reminds me of the question, "Do you tell people to smile? Or just take the picture?" I like to capture things in their natural form. I enjoy nature shots and animal shots the most. However, I'd never even think about manipulating pieces of nature before photographing them. So, needless to say, I'm a "capture" kind of guy. Although I would like to venture into the wilderness that is "create." :)

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