Creating a custom white balance on 30d


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Mar 10, 2007
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Ive been using my studio flashes more and more and i have noticed that the flash white balance on my camera gives a red cast to the photos. Im shooting on a 30d with elinchrom d-lite 4's. Ill show an example below, the first is the original and the second has been corrected on PS.



Ive had a look at the custom white balance option before on my camera but its scary

edit : doesnt seem to look as bad on the forum as the full res pics do on my screen, but trust me its there lol!
It's pretty simple to do. Shoot a white or grey card depending on your situation. Set your white balance to custom and then go into the menu, go to custom wb slect it. Then it wants a picture to adjust too, so find your original shot hit enter and your set. Now makes sure you change your white balance everytime you change your lighting or your lighting changes on you.
The instruction manual should explain is fairly well. It's really as simple as DHammer explained it.

Also, I strongly suggest that you shoot in RAW. That way, you can correct your white balance on the computer, after the shoot is over. One simple click should set it correctly (or you can adjust a slider if you want)...then you can apply that setting to all of the shots in that set.
didnt realise it was that simple! i do shoot on RAW but we all know its nice to get it right in camera, i spend too much time in PS and lightroom!

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