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Feb 9, 2009
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The files from my camera are HUGE (50 inches or so) when I open them in Photoshop. I found that if I resize them they are losing image quality. Is there a way to crop for 8X10, ect. without actually changing the size of the photo? I hope this makes sense...I saw it on a digital show, but the host never explained how he cropped for size in Photoshop.

They are huge because the resolution is set for screen viewing (probably 72 pixels per inch).
When you print, however, your resolution should be something like 300 pixels per inch.

Go to Image / Size to change the resolution to 300 PPI.

8x10 is a 4:5 ratio...your camera probably doens't shoot in that's probably 2:3 which fits 4x6 prints. So you will need to crop anyway.

Photoshop's crop tool can do all of this for you. When you click on the crop tool, there will be fields near the menu where you can enter the size and resolution you want...or you can choose from some preset values with the drop down menu. One of the presets will be 8x10 at 300 if you choose that, then drag the crop tools and hit enter...your image will be perfectly sized for an 8x10 print with the proper resolution.

Just remember to save the file as a copy and don't overwrite your original file.
Thanks! This helped a lot. In the presets there is not an option for 8X10 in horizontal (landscape) pictures. Can I add one?
You can change the crop options at the top of your screen when you are in the crop tool. If you need to switch between the two, click on the arrows in between the numbers. Hope this makes sense and it helps.

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