Crow River


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Dec 26, 2008
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Went out on a photo walk a few weeks ago and captured this. Decided B&W was the way to go. Thoughts?

$Crow River.jpg
Really enjoyed the framing. Nice work
Gorgeous. Love the silky water and the amazing contrast with the rocks. Great framing too.
A nice, calming shot but after a closer look in PS, your focus is relatively soft all the way across with the best sharpness dropping off after the second foreground rock and staying pretty much the same from there on. For me, that kills the shot.
Thanks all for the kind words. I know This has been dead for awhile but I wanted to say "Big Thanks" anyway. I have been away for a time, and just recently returned to troll and throw a few images up here and there if I have any. This is actually a stack of 3 exposures ISO 200 F13/8s each. Shot with a D80 and a 70-300 VRII at 70mm.

ceeboy14 - I am glad you had to take it into PS to tell me I did a bad job.

I might be able to get at least 20x30 print of it with no issues...Oh wait, I can, because I have it hanging on my wall. I am happy with it anyway....which I suppose is the most important, but it's always nice to know others appreciate something you have done as well.

Thanks all for the C&C!
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