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Sep 2, 2007
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Always eager to learn more about using Photoshop 7.0, I chase the odd tutorial and I found reference in a post hereabouts to lynda.com which looks great.

(there's always a but)

Before plunking down my first monthly $25 I've been checking out the free sample turotials. The excellent tutorials are done in CS3 and trying to follow along in my PS7 doesn't cut it because they are different enough to be frustrating.

I don't have a specific question or know what to ask, except to solicit opinion/information, NOT about lynda.com but about differences between CS3 and PS7.
Buy a copy of CS2. Very capable. Good middle ground. If you're still trying to learn 7.0, the capabilities in CS3 won't be of any benefit to you for some time.
CS3 is marvelous, but unless you're a student, it's astronomically priced.

Technically they aren't THAT different. I find CS3 much easier than 7.0, and even actually easier than CS2...but the difference are not really technical...more the way it's laid out, a few special tools available, and names for stuff.
I'm a PS7 bod - CS2 (which I brought) is much too slow on my old machine, so I'm staying with 7.
If you want some photoshop action (that will work for you), I've got some on my web site you might find useful.
Good luck with your learning & Happy New Year
You can upgrade to CS3 for a pretty small sum of money...not sure if it's valid for CS and CS2 owners or PS7 as well, though.

CS3 is a whole 'nother beast compared to 7. Hell, CS is an improvement to 7. If you don't shoot professionally, though, elements might be an upgrade for you (technically it's a downgrade, but it has a lot more features than 7, which is about 8 years old).
You should upgrade to CS3. Users of Photoshop 7 and up are eligible for upgrades. The workspace is more organized, and the new toolbox saves space. The best thing I like are the smart filters. These are non destructive filters that can be used like adjustment layers. So you can reedit work without going into history or snapshots and losing time. The extended edition also has video editing and rendering capabilities.
Smart filters, the ability to work with masks much easier then before, better layout, more tools, etc. If you can afford, the upgrade is worth it. It'll be interesting to see what CS4 brings us!

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