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Oct 19, 2007
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OK, so I'm new to photography. I have a SLR, but I don't really know how to use it, yet. I'm taking some classes in a few weeks.

This was actually taken with a point & shoot. A Sony Cybershot. I converted it to black & white because I thought the colors detracted from it.

Anyway, this is the first picture I've ever posted here, so be gentle! :lol:

Very good capture! Save this one in the family album. :) The lighting could be better as you used the cameras built-in flash (which hardly ever gives good result), but the shot itself is very nice! And welcome aboard. :)
I think you captured that mushy nose clamp quite well:). Welcome and good luck with the classes
very cute candid. thanks for sharing.

Is that the Xmas tree in the background - on top of the childs head? As you get more into this, you will learn to watch out for these things and keep them out of the picture.

welcome and have fun.
Thanks, everyone! I just giggle every time I see this picture!

This was a complete surprise shot. I wasn't planning on taking "real" pics, just trying to capture the Christmas vibe that night. This pic was a nice surprise.

Just kidding. My disdain for all happiness aside, it's a very pleasant capture. This is one of those shots I don't feel like critiquing on a technical level because this shot isn't about any of that, you captured something special, something a lot of us, especially me, don't do or don't try to do or constantly fail to do. Nice shot.

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