Cymbals as Reflectors O.o


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Aug 21, 2010
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Santa Barbara, CA
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So....Being the cheapo bored college student I am, I was shuffling around in my room looking for stuff that i could use for photography. I saw my set of Hi hats and was hit with inspiration....I have found my temporary reflectors. I threw one on my bed, set up a quick lamp for lighting, pointed the camera at my face and this is what i got. The only noticeable problem i see is the light caught in my eyes is a little distracting, but i shouldn't have that problem from farther away.


I know its a nasty crop but it makes my point. Not too shabby IMO. The best part of it all? I have bigger ones (i have cymbals ranging from 10" to 24") as well as at least 10 stands...Invert a cymbal on a stand and you have a free reflector!....they sound pretty good too! Sure they look ridiculous, but hey, it gets past the problem I had of not having anyone to hold the gator board. (eventually i may just cut a hole the same diameter as the cymbal hole so i can mount the board onto the stand for other trials.

Anyhow, just thought it might be interesting to share.

I like it!

Smart idea, creates a nice reflection in the eyes.
Hey now I can justify buying a full set of Paragon Sabian cymbals. Its really just a business expense.... :lmao:
Oh man... and we have SO MANY lying around the house that Keith doesn't play!

what and how much? lol
im always looking for good deals on crashes splashes and chinas.
Well the cymbals I play on are actually B23 (and a few b20) cymbals (Dream Cymbals. If you don't know about them, check them out, they are very much like vintage Zildjians) so it has a much more silvery tint than perhaps a b8 cymbal. The warmth of the image does also stem from the lighting. I'm thinkin i can use a 24" ride on my left side and a smaller 14" to the right of the subject for backlit shots. I'll experiment some and let ya'll know what works best. I think the funniest thing about this all was that i was going to use my 12" little squealer as a diffuser before i thought of using my cymbals ;)

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