D40 picture

Well you nailed the focus but totally blew out the sky.

EDIT: take back the nailed, ALMOST nailed it. The edge(top left corner)of the bark is soft due to the wide aperature.
The difference in exposure between the tree and the sky are too great to do anything with one exposure without extra equipment so here are your options:

1) You can create a composite with a proper exposure of both the tree and sky

2) You can stop down the shutter speed/aperture and then use a flash to compensate for the underexposed tree.

3) Use an ND filter to darken the sky.
ND filter in this case will darken everything. GND filter will darken 1/2 of the screen which won't work in this case. IMHO If you want details in the sky, you can expose for it then use supplemental light to light up the foreground.
4. Use a flash to increase the light on the tree, thereby allowing you to close down the aperture and reduce the exposure of the sky.

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