D7100 took a tumble


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Feb 18, 2013
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Springfield Va.
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Was out at Elakala falls this past weekend and my camera decided to do a swan dive off of the 3.5ft. ledge to the rocks below. Graceful it wasn't and landed like a rock (pictures attached)
. So I am now in a dilemma, I'm planning on getting my 7100 fixed, and using it for a trade in. The question is.. Full Frame or Mirrorless.

If you were starting over from scratch what would you do??? (see my lenses in my signature, I have 1 FF lens, all others are DX).

Ouch. That sucks royal green weenies.

However, I'm not in any position to recommend what path to take to gear back up.
Oh that sucks! Sorry, no recommendation on the replacement but man, that really really sucks.
Oh My,this is not even my gear and it make me ill feeling. Sorry for your misfortune maybe the D7200 is calling for you.
Ouch, the cost of fixing that might not be worth it. But send it in to Nikon and find out.
Bummer deal.... frowny face....
Hard to say what you might like gear-wise. Plenty of good cameras on the market these days. Some people want a smaller camera. Some people want the highest technical image quality they can get. Others want a middle of the road mixture.So,so many options out there! I guess it depends on what you really,really want to end up with. Mirrorless can mean multiple types of cameras, and each brand has its own character/nature/ethos, from Oly, to Fuji, to Sony, which are the three mirrorless brands that have the biggest and most established systems. m4/3 or APS-C or FF mirrorless? It's a big kettle of fish.
ouch, horrible... so sorry to see that.
We need a new sorry for your loss or screams at the horror button.
Sorry about the loss. Hope you come out ahead in the end.
I'm not sure any of that can even be fixed for anything less than simply replacing it, and it would have to be a lot less than that for you to see anything from it by trading it in or selling it, because you're not going to see a whole lot of money in either of those propositions. Yeah, there's a market for used gear, nearly everything I have myself is second-hand, but you'll get no value back from the cost of that repair.

The lens for sure is toast, with that cracked element, and there is no telling what will be found inside the camera!
Call your home owners / rental insurance. See if it's covered.
I've seen a few 7100's going for around $600. Best bet will probably be to pick up another body used, or maybe upgrade to the 7200. You're going to spend a decent amount of time, energy, and money in to switching to full frame. I made a very similar move when I transitioned to me D600. Do I regret it? No, I wouldn't say so. But I did lose a decent amount of money trying to offload several lens quickly.
Sell the leftovers for parts on fleabay to help with cost of new. Me? I'd go full frame. Used D3 if the money is available.
Got my estimate back from Nikon... $15... for S/H, it can't be fixed.. So yup, I'll try and sell it for parts on E-Bay and put the money towards the new body/lens/filters.

The lens can be fixed for $220 dollars..
Nikon full frame cameras adapt themselves automatically to work with DX lenses. Go full frame. The D610 is a very nice camera.

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