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May 24, 2012
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My D600 has died, repair was basically as costy as it would have to buy one used, and to the readers of that thread it should come to no surprise that the D610 had no hold of me whatsoever and I went straight for the D750.

I have two issues though:

- Whenever I change any setting, such as ISO+Back Dial for changing the ISO setting, it instantly lightens up the back monitor. Doesnt happen for Aperture, Shutter Speed, or Exposure comp though. This is highly irritating since I do these changes with the eyes at the viewfinder and the light from the monitor is quite annoying. My D600 never did any such thing. I cant find any menu option to disable this behavior. What am I doing wrong ?

- So the level is no longer part of the information display and no longer replaces every other display. However, it is also most of the time simply not visible. I found a workaround - tipping the shutter release half-way makes it light up red if focus is found. Still, why cant it be on all the time if its no longer part of the information display and why does it have to be black, I cant see it in the dark (and I often photograph in bad light). I guess theres no fix for this though.

All in all I'm quite happy though, the D750 has many small improvements which make me actually like the camera overall, something that never happened with the D600.
The ISO thing with the screen turning on, don't know how to change that but it doesn't bother me much. Are you talking about the level in live view?
I got a d7200 and it does the same, my previous d7100 didn't. I couldn't find a way to turn off screen, but for iso at least there is a work around for aperture and speed priority. Enable easy iso, this allows the wheel opposite gto your control, back in ap priority, fwd in speed priority to control iso, not lighting up screen
Well, no, I was talking about the lever in the OVF. As I said, there is probably no fix for that one, anyway, though. Just an annoying behavior I'll have to live with.

And thanks for the Easy ISO tip unfortunately when I want to set ISO I usually have to switch from Auto ISO to No Auto ISO in such situations, most of the time, so Easy ISO wouldnt help.

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