Dark frame subtraction: (Long exposure noise reduction.)


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Dec 30, 2011
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I have been reading up on long exposure noise-reduction.
My D200 has this feature. I have yet to do a side by side comparison with it on and off.

It makes an identically timed exposure with the shutter closed to determine bright pixels and replaces them with the second closed shutter exposure.

Before I do a comparison, does anyone else have experience with this feature?
It's a pain waiting an additional 20mins for the image. :D
I know what DFS does. No need to explain

You may or may not have an option to turn it off.
It's especially aggravating in astrophotography.
I take it, that's what you're doing.

I shot with a K7 pentax and you were stuck with DFS
The new K5 makes it so DFS can be turned off
No, I have the option.
Just turned it off now, so I'll compare results.

I explained for anyone unfamiliar, which they can search for further explanation.

Thanks for the reply.

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