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Jun 10, 2003
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Ahh well, since this is the spot for Professional websites I thought i might share mine with you! I have been shooting for the past 25 years and mainly focus on Religious or Spiritual conceptual photography but not exclusively. I welcome any feedback on what you think of my site, my black and white prints, or my digital stock photography!

My site is located at http://www.davidedmonson.com
Wondeful site!

I can only hope you will lend your experience and advice to our more amateur photographers here in the board (myself included).

Welcome aboard!
I'm sure there are many people here that would love to know how you first went about selling your stock photos.
Holy moly :lol: Now that's what we need more of around here. Please stay and share your knowledge.


Great work! Definately the type of photography that I am most interested in. Please do hang around these forums.
Sorry i haven't gotten back to this forum sooner.

Thanks for your replies!

If anyone would like more info on how to take you photos online - shopping solutions, payment gateways, SSL, and all that other stuff that doesn't make much sense, let me know.

I'll break it down to you in the simplest terms i know and point you in the right direction.


I'm David's son. And i built the whole thing for him from scratch.

I am the one to talk to about how to do these neat things.

My email is [email protected].

Shoot me an email.

Be happy to help!


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