Dawn to Dusk in Happy Valley


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Dec 16, 2008
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Central PA
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Here are two pictures of campus that I took on two separate days. It would be nice to have some nice shots to remember this place by, since I'll have spent so much time here, and such an important time. I realized I have very few photos of my undergrad institution, I would have liked more. Maybe I'll go back sometime.

C&C please, I will have plenty of time to retake these before I graduate :)

here is one of the library, this was taken very early in the morning, right at dawn facing away from the sun.

Here is one of an area of new dorms, all very nicely landscaped and having the same architecture, this area of campus has an interesting aesthetic. This was taken just before dusk.


They were taken with my 50D, 28-135mm IS lens. I don't have the exif off hand, but if people are curious I could look it up when I get home.
Love that second shot - great composition.

(Looks cold!)
Thanks Chairman, I rather liked that one too. And in comparison to what the temperature has been, it was rather warm that day.
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I definatly like #2 nice work.
Hey, thanks for the comments guys.

I had suspected about the 1st being crooked, but I looked at it for quite a while, and your eyes start to play tricks on you after looking for a very long time, so i decided to just leave it where it was...i guess i could have put it on a grid...
Thanks DBTMedia I appreciate the comment

Looks like with everybody liking #2 i'll have to consider purchasing photomatrix. It was a huge pain cloning out that watermark!!!

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