new glass just arrived and I'm stuck at work


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May 17, 2008
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Manchester, UK
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Hi there
Yesterday I ordered Tamron 17-50mm f2.8 for my D90 and jusd had text from my wife that lens arrived. Unfortunatelly I'm stuck at work till 5.30 :er:

I had Sigma 18-200mm HSM OS for about week but I wasn't really impressed about speed of this lens. So I decided to return it and get Tamron. It has f2.8 trough all zoom range and it suppouse to be really sharp even wide open.
I can't wait to get my hands on it.

I'll post some sample pictures soon.

I can feel your pain!!! :D

I am sure you will love that lens. As least I like mine at lot..
Tom, if I were you, I'd start "developing" a really bad cough, and start blowing your nose.....:lmao:
Something you ate didn't agree with you....
I'm a doctor, just PM me a fax number and I will send your boss a note saying you need to head home for bed rest.

otherwise, I slept at a Holiday Inn Express last night. so I might be qualified as well.:lol:
Thanks for comments.
I was speeding on my way back from work but I managed to test this lens briefly and I have to tell you this lens rocks. Is sharp like my 50mm f1.8.
When you shoot wide open it is really nice. Sharp and it deliveres great bokeh. At f4 is razor sharp.
In terms of build quality it is not as good as Nikon's but if you want this kind of zoom (f2.8) you will need to spend bit more than ÂŁ270
I love this lens so far. I need to test it macro capability becouse I have seen some nice macro shots with this lens.
I'll post up some pictures later.
I'm sitting here at home and I know my new Canon EF 24-70L f/2.8 is on brown truck and out for delivery. I keep watching out the window to see the truck come up the driveway.:lol: BTW it's bringing a BG-E2N grip also.

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