Lovely lighting; I'm not sure I like the fact that her left elbow is obscured by the handrail though...
Gorgeous light and a beautiful model but the composition feels a bit claustrophobic.
I really like the model of course but I don't care for the shooting through the railings.
I think it's a finely-crafted composition. I'm all in favor of the choices you made in this shot.
as am I . I find the foreground elements complimentary and interesting.
I find those handrails distracting , mostly because they're too bright, they're the brightest parts of the picture and that's why they demand attention

anyway, an average guy wouldn't mind them because, well, she's gorgeous, but photographically speaking this is not "a pleasing" image...the pose, those handrails, and the poll behind her head... everything you use to compose the picture works against your subject

and yes, of course, this is jmo

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