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Jun 8, 2013
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along side my 35mm,i also would like something digital as well. i am not sure what digital camera would fit my needs,as of right now i am simply doing a lot of shooting out doors during the day and not so much as night. i am also shooting a lot of plant life as well as certain animals and insects. i have heard good things about the canon rebel as well as the nikon d3200 but the prices are a bit steep for my taste lol i am not sure what other brand and or type i should go for, nor how many megapixels i should use. these are what i have seen online and or been told about:

1) Canon EOS Kiss x5 600D Rebel T3i Kit 18 55mm Is II | eBay
2)Nikon Red D3200 18 55mm VR Nikon 55 200mm VR Kit More | eBay
3)General Electric 16MP Megapixel Bridge Digital SLR Camera 846951003925 | eBay
4)Nikon Coolpix P510 GPS Digital Camera 16 1 MP Black USA 018208263295 | eBay
5)Sony Alpha SLT A57 SLR Digital Camera Body Only 027242847552 | eBay

any suggestions? i would prefer something with interchangeable lenses that would not do too much damage to my wallet.
All of the consumer-level DSLRs will do what you want, it's more a matter of finding one that feels good in your hands and your wallet. Don't forget to look at Olympus and Pentax, both make excellent gear as well.
A Nikon D3100 or Canon T3 (without the "i" suffix) will be start of the entry-level range bodies. Those will be the easiest on your wallet. Just get a basic kit lens (which is generally always an 18-55mm -- that's a very moderate wide-angle to a _very_ moderate telephoto... nothing crazy). Start with that. You can get other lenses later but at least you have something to build with.

You can also check Canon or Nikon's online store ... they both have a "refurbished" category where you can save a bit more by getting a used (but refurbished by the factory) camera that actually still comes with a warranty.

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