digital camera with video out?


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May 26, 2006
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Interested in finding out how to get a setup of those elevated camera deals. What I mean is that you can put y our camera on some sort of huge tripod gizmo..crank it up and take a picture of your house at like 30 feet high. I have a basic idea how it works but what sort of digital camera has a video out for the viewfinder, a way to press the shutter, and then comes the rotating tripod head. Anyone have thoughts on this? I would like to put together rather than buy some expensive kit.

thansk kevin
you can use a kite for that

also most if not all cameras can be controlled remotely via USB. I know a lot of canons can for sure. If you get a long usb cable, you solve the problem of "seeing"

No idea about the rotating heads. They're expensive.

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