Dilemma: Which one to choose?


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Dec 30, 2007
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Coming from a Point & Shoot camera, I want to step up to Advanced High Zoom cameras. I'm still on my learning stage and I'm not considering a DSLR as of yet.

Anyhow, here is the problem.

I have been wanting a Canon S5 IS for a while now but based on the reviews it seems that the Panasonic FZ18 is better. I really like the FZ18 because it has so many good features like 18x zoom and it shoots RAW image but the S5 IS has the Canon brand and it has always been a good brand for a camera. When buying a camera, is it better to consider the brand or the features?


Any help would be appreciated and other suggestions would also be helpful. My spending limit is about $400 right now. Thanks in advance.

Erik G.
I don't know much about those 2 cameras, but I don't think you want to compare any canon to a Panasonic. I have had bad bad luck with Panasonic. 3 camcorders in 1 year! There customer service sucked!!! and now the fourth camcorder has taken a crap after another 6 months. I purchased the Panasonic because it had the biggest zoom.<- not a wise decision! the 10x zoom is very distorted and blurry even on a tripod. My sony camcorder is 3 years older and has 4 times the quality picture and zoom. and I have dropped it a ton of times and it has never broken. i know your taking about cameras and not camcorders but i can see any of there products being any better.
Thank you for the quick response.

I was thinking that earlier since I know Canon is a very good brand when it comes to cameras.
I own a Canon Digital Rebel XT. I am more than satisfied at the results I get from it. My 2 cents......go with the Canon....you'll be glad you did.
The S5 IS is one of the most talked about point and shoot cameras ever made. Get it. Everyone that's used it loves the thing.

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