Pics straight from camera or card reader..?


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Oct 25, 2007
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I read it is best to put your pics on a computer from a card reader rather than connecting your camera to your computer. Is this true? thanks in advance!
For me it is a matter of personal preference. I don't like bloating my system with drivers and minor applications when I have major apps to work with. Also using a card reader means I will not be flexing the ports or covers on the camera.

My laptop has a SD reader, but when I got my 40D I picked up a CF 2 USB reader to keep the status quo. Whatever works for you.

-Shea :mrgreen:
I use a card reader just because its easier to have on my desk than my camera, and its easier when you have multiple cards.
I just plug the camera straight into my computer. Card readers are faster, but I don't shoot RAW so the speed isn't really an issue.
card reader 100% all the way! you can eventually wear out the connector on your camera or my daughter tripped over the cable and ripped the connector out of my point & shoot.(thank god it wasn't my dslr) Now i have to use the card reader for that one. a card reader cost under $20.00 if you wear that out you lost a measly $20. Your dslr will cost a few hundred to have fixed. Not to mention I can't think of one new pc that doesn't have card readers built into them already. even most printers have them now to.
it's better to use a card reader only because of the convenience and speed.

The results are the same, and one isn't really "better".

I use the camera way cause I don't have a CF reader yet.
my daughter tripped over the cable
This is a big reason for me. The more you have your camera tethered to a cable, sitting on a desk or table...the more likely it is to get snagged and go crashing to the floor. Not to mention that a card reader is quick and easy.

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