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    i take a vacation, go dancing, do something else.

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    This guy issues nice weekly challenges I like to try on occasion (even if I don't do it in the time frame is decent inspiration)The Art of Photography

    There are a few things I do some are easier than others

    1. Go somewhere new, many of us photograph the same places a lot but new places can bring new life into your viewfinder. Get in the car and see where you end up
    2. Set a challenge and try and complete it
    3. Revisit old photos you considered "bad" or "not worth it" when you took them, some you may like now that time has passed.
    4. Buy some trivial piece of gear, this sounds silly but a $5 hotshoe mount level Amazon Primed to you may cause you to go grab the camera and shoot some land scapes
    5. Look to others (instagram, flickr, here... etc.) for inspiration
    6. Go to a flea market, buy a cheap old film camera and a roll of BW film and have fun. All in all it may cost you $25 but I love my FED2 and the day I spent with it.
    7. Get into toy cameras, HOLGA's and other similar "toy" cameras can usually be had for less than $10 if you know where to look. They can be a blast and deliver something new.
    8. I hear polaroid is back....
    9. Ask around to see if anyone is dumping any dark room gear, you may be able to grab some cool stuff for free and pick up a new skill (WARNING: this is a deeeeep rabbit hole)

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