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May 23, 2010
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The hills
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I recently took my stiff focusing Nikkor 50MM f1.4 apart and lubed it. Had some issues with infinity focus but got it sorted.


Looks like it works OK to me.​
So, no "extra parts" laying about after you got it put back together then?:1398:
Nah I'm a mechanic with 4 decades of experience. Doesn't happen often. :D

Also if it matters to you. 50mm f1.4 Nikkor AiS on a D3100 ISO200 1/125 @ f5.6 metered with a 1942 Weston Master II (model 735). A wonderful combination. Just a snapshot of my backyard to verify the focus is right.
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A Weston Master II was my very first-ever light meter! I still have it, even though it gave out back in 1979 or 80...I loved the mechanical rotating exposure settings dial system it used. I have some pics of it in one of my galleries.
Send it off to George Milton at Quality Light Metric for a refresh. He fixed mine for $80 and it's like new. Probably outlast me now. No website but here's his phone number should you want to resurrect the Weston. 323-467-2265

The Weston illustrates he zone system and light values as no book ever could. I have the Invercone for mine that makes it an incident meter too. How I use it most of the time but not yesterday.
Nah I'm a mechanic with 4 decades of experience. Doesn't happen often. :D

I bet. ;)

I've took a lens apart once, it's really not that bad at all. They are easier that smartphones.
Thank you for the tip on the Weston light meter repairman's contact info.
You're welcome. Actually he's the man for any light meter. A Hollywood fixture for the movie guys.

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