Do you buy new or used?

When it comes to expensive cameras and you buy new or used?

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Jan 30, 2012
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When it comes to expensive cameras and you buy new or used?
For me, it depends on what it is. SLR bodies and new compact cameras (of which I'm a huge fan) I buy new. I sell the ones their replacing on ebay at a deep discount to someone who is willing to buy a couple year old model.

Optics, I will consider buying used, but I rarely find any good deal on AF optics, at least not on ebay.

Occasionally, I buy a vintage film camera, though those days may be over now. Those, I bide my time and buy used. I have a Konica Auto S2 and a Rollei 35 now that I bought in my great rangefinder craze of a couple years ago. Quality film cameras are going for peanuts now on ebay, if you know what to look for.
If the used price isn't much different from new, I'll splurge on the new. If there is significant savings, I'll definitely buy used but I'll scout out the ones that have been well cared for. I'd say I've probably bought 1/3-1/2 of my equipment used. Some things I bought used I no longer have or the percentage would be higher.
Bodies and lenses, new. everything else, I'm open to either.
Craigslist can be an amazing resource for photography gear when the wanna be's realize how outrageous this business is!
I have 4 bodies right now. 1 was refurb, 1 was new, 2 were used.
I have two or 3 lenses I bought new, the rest were used.
I think most of my accessories were new.
Lights I have some that were used and some that I bought new
My lighting accessories were new I think
My speedlights I have a bunch of older ones I use off camera that were used-it's a hell of a way to amass a large arsenal for cheap as hell!
Depends.. If it's something I can buy used at a decent price, i'll usually go for that. If I feel like I need a warranty, i'll buy new. Or in the case of my X100, if it's impossible to find used.. (was at the time anyway). Then there's stuff like my M6, which isn't made anymore and only affordable to me because it's old.
New for new digital equipment like bodies, acessories, lenses, there are always sales on such items so don't find it necessary to seek out used but for old style film cameras like medium format and lenses no choice but to buy used since they don't make them new most of the time, or new is just too expensive.
Thanks to Canons' about to expire rebate program, I opted to buy 2 lenses new rather than used. The reason was simple. Practically no cost difference between used and new. So, for the same price as excellent condition used, I just bought a new 85 f1.8. A month ago, for $40 more, I got a new 24-70 f2.8 L rather than used. I also purchased 2 used L's on ebay. My first DLSR was a used 30D last spring. The rest of my glass, my current 60D, and various accessories...all new. There's something comforting in having a warranty if things don't work right.
Camera bodies, especially the digital stuff, I like to buy new. All those electronics today. And now that lenses have chips and motors, I look at new first. If I know the piece and it has had really good treatment, then I will buy used without reserve. I don't as a rule buy used from Ebay or even KEH etc.
I bought my basic gear brand new (D3100 w/18-55 kit lens, 55-200 lens). I decided I wanted to try macro and since I didn't want to pay several hundred dollars for a new lens I went on ebay and found two sigma lenses for $160 lenses.. While they don't have auto focus or VR I'm very pleased with the result with the smaller one that I've been playing with (the 28-80....I'm will spend more time with the 80-300 this weekend when I have more daylight.)

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