Do you ever feel like...

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Try ones that begin with

"have you been injured in a car wreck..."

and conclude with the repetition of a phone number a minimum of 5 times in a row
And dont get me started on jingles.....

Why cant commercials be more like this

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i switch over as soon as they come on
I don't think I ever saw one nikon commercial? =S
Oh, don't get me started.
Like the German commercial makers' use of the English language just to make their commercials appear more international, more urbane, more "cultivated". Ha! Ouch! Often their use of English isn't even ENGLISH, it is English WORDs, but you would have a hard time understanding them!
Let alone the majority of the German population who don't understand A THING! In how far can that be marketing, I wonder?
I think North American marketing is in most cases the dumbest sh!t on the face of the planet. BUT that speaks volumes about it's audience, because the marketing WORKS. Repetative marketing is the norm in North America because of the amount of commercial breaks. TBS (Peachtree, who in the F&*cking f*^k thought that up by the way), has a commercial break once every 15 minutes. At least. In the UK (at least from my experience) they don't have nearly as many. Usually one every 30mins to an hour depending on what's on. This calls for better commercials because they're usually memorable without having to be repeated.

American and Canadian markeing is totally hit and miss. Best campaigns I've seen in a while were the VW stuff with the souped up cars getting crushed, and the Holiday Inn commercials with the really awkward guy who always says the dumbest sh!t.
You know, i really could care less about peta but they had the best commercial recently.
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Every 15 mins in the UK, I think we have it reasonably well here though by the sounds of things.

Well actually the BBC has no commercials at all but everyone pays for a tv license that covers that.
not as good as the wacky waiving inflatable arm flailing tube man, but still cool

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And I like this guys moves

You guys have favorite commercials to put up?
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