does any1 like this


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Nov 5, 2008
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Warwickshire UK
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I like it but it would be better (IMO) if you had a lower angle or photoshopped out the tree tops to the right but hey I a noob who am I to give advise.
i love the sky...more sky.....:)
It's a sweet(!) photo, but definitely needs a crop ;)
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I like the second one a lot more. good landscape
Did you do anything to the tree to make it look like it was glowing?
THe halo of lightness in the tree and tops of te other trees are very distracting. There's no foreground interest and the two lighter areas in the snow catch the eye.....

Nice silhouette and nice sky but not enough in my opinion to make it a pleasing image.
not intentionally, but ive done adjustments in PSE7 and that seemend to happen during the process. its the first time ive used PS so i dunno much
I like the 2nd better also. In the 1st one the sky almost looks fake.
if anyone can advise how to get rid of the glowing tree id be grateful! thanks

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