Does anyone make a semi pro grade PS cam?


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Oct 12, 2012
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M43 is too big for my pants pockets. I'd like a PS with a big sensor and hopefully RAW. Does anyone make one?

If not, what are my options that are smaller than a M43 and has some pro features?

Canon G15 gives you a lot of options.
It basically is a small DSLR.
It has all the options entry level DSLR will have only it has 2 dials instead of 1 dial in the entry level DSLR.
While the sensor isn't as big as a DSLR it is bigger then the average P&S.
It has a very fast lens 1.8-2.8
I got one and while mostly my wife uses it I will take it with me to parties and in cases I don't feel like schlepping my D7000 with me, so far I have only good things to say about it, its an awesome camera with pro like features.
Love my canon s100. Very small and tons of features. Full manual, shoots raw, and two dial controls. Also f/2.
There's the new Sony RX100 II which has a few extra features over the already-excellent RX100: tilting screen, accessory shoe, access. EVF, acess. filter holder, better sensor, built-in Wi-Fi etc, usable HDMI out, 24p as well as 60p etc. I swapped from a Canon S95 to the RX100 and the improvement was very noticeable. It works best with DxO. The only real criticisms I have read about the RX100 are about its JPEGs, which I don't use.

The built-in flash on the RX100 (and the Mk II) can be tilted up and used for bounce flash. That is a great feature for me, and it makes the camera usable at times when other similar cameras would fail.
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I recommend the NEX-6. Its new 16-50 PZ lens is excellent. You can easily carry the 55-210mm zoom for travel. It is not the best lens but is cheap when purchased as a bundle.
Fujifilm make a few large sensor compacts that get some good things said about them, have a look at the X100S, XM1, X20, XF1, X20.

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