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Dec 1, 2008
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San Francisco Bay, CA
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Playing with my new Canon 50mm 1.8 II. Not a bad lens for $85 off Amazon.

My parents' Golden Retriever, Dixie. About 8 years old. What do you guys think?




and just a funny one of her in mid-yawn...

Those are some really nice shots . I just got my 50mm 1.4 and still trying to get out and get some shots with it.
they are way better than the average photo, don't doubt yourself your doing really well
Yes, composition wise these are well done and the smaller images do look sorta sharp...but when I looked at the larger images there is a touch of camera shake or motion blur going on.

Shooting with available light does tend to limit you a bit (high ISO, low shutter speed, wide open aperture) and you make do as best you can.

But there is the option of using an external hot shoe flash and bouncing the light to help illuminate the shots. I learned a lot about using an external hot shoe flash properly from this web site: Flash Photography Techniques.

Or you could use a tripod...but we know how much fun that can be...but it would give you the sharpest images (as long as the dog doesn't move during the shot).
Very nice shots, what a cute dog!
I really like them! The wood floor looks awesome w/ the colors of the dog
That's a retriever? Looks like a Setter. I can see she's older, too... makes you just want to give her(?) a big hug. Those dogs have such soulful eyes, particularly as they age.

I love the second shot. Maybe a hair bright, but not much.

The first one is a little dark and the framing and positioning on the last two seem a bit off. The angle is kind of odd to me (too straight down the line of the dog, and up at an angle a bit) and the dog is off-center but it looks more like an error than an intentional choice.

Still, love the second one.

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