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Mar 24, 2012
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Old Saybrook, CT
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Some of you know I'm a bird photographer, but there is one spot I go to that is a known "dog meetup" spot on the CT river. I have almost as much fun shooting dogs playing as Ospreys fishing, well not really, but anyways.. I pop my teleconverter off and see what I can do.. Sorry I couldn't get the dogs to sign a model release... :) Comments of course are welcome...

1 - This looks like it should be a dog advertisement
happy dog by krisinct, on Flickr

2 - Maybe good for a bag of dogfood?

dog in water by krisinct, on Flickr

3 - Wanted to shoot wide open at F2.8 to see if I could isolate the dogs face as it ran towards me

running dog at f2.8 by krisinct, on Flickr

4 - I was trying to sneak through some much to get a Kingfisher shot but this dog was on to me...

backlit dog by krisinct, on Flickr

5 - you have to have the token dog head shake, don't you?

dog shaking head by krisinct, on Flickr
Some nice shots, like the first one the most
Great shots. Good eye contact in#4.

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