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Donating! continuous studio lighting w/umbrellas and bulbs


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Jun 7, 2012
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This came to me via an acquaintance who decided to go back to photographing people in daylight at a park. this set was used once. yes...once.
its a pretty basic continuous light setup, typical of many other cheap brands of equipment like promaster or cowboy studio. Only two settings, ON and OFF. (these things are bright) comes with two pretty decent stands, two light heads, one 36" shoot through umbrella, one 36" silver reflective umbrella, and 3 light bulbs. everything is tested and working. (does not come with any backgrounds or backdrop stands)
we don't use continuous lighting, and prefer lighting we have more control over, but if you just want to get light on a subject, these will do the job. I really have little to no experience with these sort of lights, so if the answer is not in one of the pictures, I probably wont be of much help.
now...on to the technical stuffs.

we are Donating this setup to a good home.
(due to the cost of shipping this, the donation range will be limited to continental U.S. only.)
(package is 40x11x14 @ 18lbs for reference)
We will cover the shipping cost.
Out of pocket expense to the recipient of this donation will be $0 (zero) dollars.

to be eligible for this donation you must meet the following criteria.
-be a reasonably active member of the forum
-actually need portrait lighting. (if you have flashes or strobes, you don't need/want these.)
-actually want to shoot with portrait lighting. (if you only want/plan to shoot natural light portraits, you don't need these)
-not care too much that they are a cheap set of lights.
Failure to follow donation protocol may (and probably will) exclude you from consideration.

If you feel you meet the criteria and want to be considered for this, post a few of your portrait shots in this thread along with a brief explanation of how you feel lights would help improve your photography and/or tanning.






me and the wife reserve the right to alter and/or cancel this donation at any given time for any dumb old reason.
Oh man, I would love this. I'll be doing more portraits soon and this would be great for indoors when the crappy Oregon weather hits.

A poorly edited one from facebook.

From when I had a flash.
I have always admired your generosity in donating actually-working photo equipment to those people who can make use of it. I applaud you, sir!
Quick... someone buy pixmedic a drink. He deserves one.
I would love something like this so I could take photos of my schools club officers
I would love something like this so I could take photos of my schools club officers
Please read the selection criteria and posting request in post #1.
some of you might be on the fence about constant lighting. I get it...they arent exactly a set of Einsteins or Calumets or anything...so just to see if i could actually take a picture with them, I set one up and did a test shot with the shoot through and the reflector umbrellas. personally, I liked the reflector better. I got a little better distributed light with it. the downside of course, was that in our small living room space, not being able to adjust the output was definitely a noticeable challenge.
I literally did a quick 10 minute setup with one light and each umbrella using the 70-200 lens.

first shot was using the 36" shoot through umbrella.
DSC_1503 by pixmedic, on Flickr

second shot was using the 36" reflector umbrella.
DSC_1513 by pixmedic, on Flickr

I did a very quick edit in LR, nothing major, just enough to adjust some color and crop.
surprisingly enough, i had to do almost no adjusting for the background. thats pretty much SOOC.
these were shot against our black muslin backdrop, subject approx 2 feet in front.
light was setup approx 8 feet in front of subject.

So there you have it folks.
not a terrible little set of lights, and certainly not a bad starter set for someone wanting to get into portraits.
Definitely not bad for free.
If I were really interested in portraiture, I'd jump at this.
I personally don't have a use for something like this. But it is just incredible to me on how nice you and your wife are, always giving away great equipment!!:headbang::headbang::headbang:
Sunday bumpday!
Kinda thought there would be a few people at least somewhat interested in some lighting...

no aspiring portrait photographers around here?
come on people! Stop letting weather and time of day dictate when and where you can take pictures of people!
Stop letting clouds or the harsh noon-day sun force you into a re-shoot!
Break free from the tired cliches of train tracks, fences, and brick walls that a billion other people are doing just as well with their cell phones and get back to your photographic roots with beautiful, timeless formal portraiture!
(just for reference, you could actually tack up a black sheet to a wall and get the exact same results as I got with the muslin backdrop and stands)
Watch your clients gasp in amazement when they see that you can do something different than the bazillion FB photographers shooting in a park!
Expand your horizon as a portrait photographer.
expand you offerings to clients.
expand the temperature in your house when the furnace goes out.
the possibilities are endless!

anyway, ill let this run for a bit longer and see what happens.
You are tempting me. I kinda would like to learn portraits, but . . .

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