dose canon make a 1.4x converter or 2.0x converter for the lenses


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Nov 15, 2007
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So i have a rebel xti and to would like to be able to take shots from a little more distance. I have now a 75-300 lens. So for now until i can aford a few more lenses is there a 2.0x converter for the canon? I had one for my film camera but i cant seem to find one for the dslr.

Any help would be great


My reading is slightly different than this. At a practical level the extender will physically fit and will work at an optical level. What you won't get though is the autofocus capabilities - if you're happy to work with manual focus only, it may still be an option for you. You would need to be aware though that your 75-300mm f4/f5.6 will become an f8/f11 lens at best (assuming your using a 2x convertor). That's likely to be a very dark viewfinder for manually focusing with.

Your best option may be to find a shop that holds one in stock and go and try it out with the body/lens you are thinking of using it with.
The Canon extenders are white/grey in colour, the reason for this is that they should only be used with white/grey lenses. The converter extends inside of the lens, putting them on a black lens can result in damage to lens.

There are about 3 black lenses that you can use them on but they are L series lenses that have a recessed rear element.
danm. I guess I will just wait until i can get some new lenses. Even if i could use it with the lense i dont think it would do any good with the f stop change
Yeah, unfortunately the TC are only for the premium line of telephoto lenses. That was one reason I shied away from the 70-300 and picked up the 70-200 f/4 L. Shorten range, but better IQ and can get the 1.4X TC later. The sacrifice in f/stop from teh 1.4X TC is not that detrimental;if any, compared to the 2x TC. At those ranges your pretty much using a monopod or tripod anyway and you lose AF if the lens is smaller than f/5.6 to begin with.

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