(oooOOoooo Alert.. danger .. danger .. Nikon versus Canon thread...)

The Canon 70-200mm f2.8 L IS is a wonderful lens... one of canon's best IQ telephoto zooms often used by wedding photographers. I like the photos I got from it but sold it because it didn't fit me.

Never shot with Nikon so no input on that one...

It is going to be difficult to find someone who has owned and used both... most people are either heavily invested in Nikon OR Canon but rarely both.

I now yield to the next Nikonite to speak about the glorious Nikkor..
What do you want to hear? You're pretty much comparing apples to apples. Both are top-of-the-line lenses.
I have the Nikkor, it replaced an 80-200 f2.8. This is one of the best zooms I've ever had the pleasure of using. The IQ at 2.8 is not qiute as good as a good prime at the same aperture, nevertheless, it is still very very good. The contrast, saturation and bokeh from this lens is noticeably better than lesser zooms. The lens is heavy but one quickly gets sed to it, it's a pleasure to use. The build quality is reflected in the price. Be warned though that once the shade is attached on the front, and it should be at all times, this lens is an intimidating piece af gear to uninitiated bystanders.
I guess I was just curious to see if anything on either of these lenses stands out. I know they are both excellent lenses and IQ on both are tremendous...

well, i just answered my question..lol

thanks for the input
What you do notice from them (and I have used both) is that they are much more usable at their widest aperature. That is what you pay a premium for. Not that its a f/2.8, but that you can use it at f/2.8. Most other brands, that means you Sigma, are best used when stopped down 1-2+ stops.

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