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Jun 27, 2003
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my hubby and i were out and about today ... we stopped at a small store to get a bottled water (too hot :? ) ... there was a lady holding up the line playing the Lotto .. so i bought 2 tickets ... 20 million dollar jackpot :D

... so i asked my hubby ... "if we won the lotto .. what would be the first thing u would buy?" ... he said, "i'd be down at the Porshe dealer." :lol:

i would buy some real estate, than i immediatly started dividing family and friends take of the cash .. whats the point if u cant share ur wealth? :p

what would be the first splurge that u would buy?

(besides the obvious of saving and investing)
First thing would be a gorgeous house, then get the darkroom installed. :D Then I'd buy my bf the video camera setup of his dreams. Well actually, I probably give him 25 or 50% of it anyway, so I guess he could buy that himself. Then I'd pay off the houses for my parents and my brothers. Then would come the trip to Europe...
LOL. the Kid Rock song "Cowboy"..... That would be me

I'm headed out west sucka, cuz i wanna be a cowboy baby!

Naw, but i am sure i could blow it all in no time flat :lol:
Havoc said:
LOL. the Kid Rock song "Cowboy"..... That would be me

I'm headed out west sucka, cuz i wanna be a cowboy baby!

Naw, but i am sure i could blow it all in no time flat :lol:

Your going west of Oregon :?:
I would definately have a nice spending spree starting with photography equipment. I so want to try out large format photography :)

I would definately help out my family. We're all in need of a break :D
every family member 1 million dollars.
every one on the photoforum would get 5,000 dollars for a new camera.
I would by a modest 2 story house in australia(near manda) and...

proceed to fill it with water. so much that you would have to swim to get around.

sorry just got through watching waterworld.

The first thing I would get would be a new Job.... One that I like, I think a photographer would be a good start. I would not cair if i made any Bleng Bleng I just got 20 mill right :twisted: next would be a house, and to help out my step brother. He has the coolest kids. Then I would go to sport bike school 8) , next would be the first photo forum party. It would be in Missoula Mt. but I think most of you would love it out here, most people who come to see me don't want to leave. I know it can't be just because me :wink: . and then the next day i would :lol: ......
I would buy Metcalf Lake in northern Montana.

How can one buy a lake? Plum Creek Lumber Co. bought up vast amounts of land previously held by railroad companys(land that was given to the RR giants as a enticment to complete the transcontinetal line). Among this land was much of the border of Metcalf Lake. Up until a recent survey it was believed that state land bordered a small portion of the lake.

Montana has been stocking this lake with trout for many years designating it as a tropy trout lake. Anglers were only allowed to keep on fish per day and it had to be larger than 25in.

Now Plum Creek Lumber is offering the land as a "Private Lake" for $2.95 million.

If I won the Lotto this would be my first purchase and I would donate it back to the state to be designated as a wildlife refuge.

As it stands some ultra-rich out-of-stater will be summering on land the American people gave away for a railroad and dine on trout that were raised on Montana taxpayer dollars.
Since I'm not quite old enough for the lottery yet (a few more year) I hope our moderator gets his 20 mil. I'd love a brand new DSLR. But If i wont it i thihnk that would prolly be my first purchase anyway, followed by college and then taking care of my parents loans....
divy out to the 5 families within my family
pay off my bills and all my mum's
invest in properties on sydney harbour

plan an around the world trip
and when i get home, open my own business

if there's any left over, i shall stop by tiffany and splurge on a diamond, just a small one :sillysmi:

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