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Mar 25, 2009
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Did anyone design there website with Dreamweaver? I want a really good website, not one made from a template. I want to draw and design every aspect of it. Is there any other program that will allow me to do this easier. Also who hosts your websites.
I used to have to rely on templates. Finally, I created my current site in Photoshop, sliced it, exported and then did final touches and added galleries using Dreamweaver. It was very easy! I use inmotion hosting.

I am still working on my site, so there are still a few things which do not work, but you can get an idea: doubleh_2009

There are a lot of tutorials on slicing and such - google it!
:p That is a great looking - Very Professional Site. Did you do your rollovers in Dreamweaver too?
Thanks for looking!
I used a plug-in called MenuMachine - it only works in Adobe GoLive though. I forgot to mention that I used Adobe GoLive also. There are a lot of nice flash-based menus out there as well. They might cost a few bucks, and you need to know where to put the code. I am lucky, my cousin is a code jockey. He helps me with the more technical stuff.
How exactly to you upload your site to the hosting site, sorry its been a while since I have done this stuff?
You don't draw or design the graphic elements of your site in dreamweaver. You put it all together with it. It's not a graphic design app.

You need something like, Illustrator, CorelDraw, Photoshop etc. If you want total control of the appearance of your website use Flash as your main app. Much easier to work with as far as building the interface, placing buttons or other things where you want. Flash doesn't need to be animated and crazy, you can build very static sites with it.

I've worked with it for years. You can use any ftp app to upload to your hosting server.
Yea I know where to design the stuff. I actually laid out every single page in Illustrator, even my menu. I just don't know from there what to do. I want my menu to be rollover buttons, and I have designed them already. I really just don't know how to get that into Dreamweaver and where to go from there
a great source of info and links is HTMLdog. just study up and play. try not to make a job out of but keep it as a project, it will much more enjoyable that way, at least I thats my opinion.
It's not really my site, it's my units site that i had to completely redo, https://www.8mcd.usmc.mil.

The opening is flash, but the rest of it I did build in Dreamweaver. And of course, the Marine Corps hosts this site. I still consider this a work in progress, though i dont think i will ever be that happy with it.
butter i used DW mx on my site and use lunarpages to host it for me. still playing around with it, still no where near finished and still got lots more to do on it, But it's mine and since it's my first attempt at one i like it

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