Drug Cocktail--C&C Please


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Feb 26, 2012
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Midwest, USA
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I had forgotten about this photo until today.

I took this photo while I was still on drugs for misdiagnosed bipolar disorder. These were all the medications I would take. The pills in the martini glass are the number of pills I would take in a week. Only to find out three years later I really wasn't bipolar at all.

It’s askew and grainy. It’s warped and off-color. It’s exactly how I felt at that moment in time.

While not all of my photos are of good memories, I’m now realize that my main reason for taking photos was to remember. My brain was so fuzzy at that point that I did need help remembering the good and bad times.
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Can't open your photo... May want to try again

Edit: never mind, figured it out. Im not sure what you were trying to achieve here. I like the concept but it's tilted busy and dark.
I'm not really feeling the photo itself. I am terrible at CC so someone else could probably explain it better. But I really really like that you went deep to a dark part of your life and incorporated it into your art. I think you should attempt this concept again. I would like to do something like that as well, as I have some really hard patches in my life as well, but I don't think I could open myself up that much for everyone to see.
Your emotional inclinations to the image as well as your familiarity to each of the medicine there, you won't see any confusion there...but viewer may find it busy.....
If that glass bowls with pills and just one covered bottle were shown keeping slight distance in between the image would work better?

Regards :D
everything tilted, fuzzy, unclear, out of focus, cluttered, hazy, green and sickly....yes, makes sense to me.

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