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Oct 7, 2010
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i have a nikkon ds 90 camera.

this is the first time im going to photo jewelry.
i have a light shed already.

what else do i need? which lens? which accessories?


You need a lens with a very close minimum focus distance (macro lens), so that you can produce 1:1 scaled images. These aren't cheap, nikon's 105mm macro lens is $900: Heres a link.
tnx for the reply.

this is not enough? Nikon AF Micro-Nikkor 60mm f/2.8D?

what is the best lightning to use? other accessories?
Grammar is a great accessory if I say so myself. A little effort goes a long way my friend. Don't worry I did the same thing too when I first joined the forum. What you want is lighting hitting your object from three or four different angles and a backdrop that reflects the light. A macro lens is a good accessory for sure, try getting a speedlight and a remote shutter release to minimize camera shake. Hope this helps and good luck.

English is not my first language so this is probably why my grammar is so bad.

should i buy 2 * sb600? or 3-4 white light spots?

for product photography, constant lights should be fine, and much cheaper usually.

if its in your budget though, get the 2 sb600s as youll likely use them for other photography. :thumbup:
I know what you mean my good sir, English isn't my first language either. I know where you're coming from. I have a SB600 myself but since you have a D90, you have a commander in your unit that can trigger your flashes off camera, I say get a single SB900 and if possible 2 SB600's, best of luck!
yeah, the 60mm macro lens is just fine. I was just throwing an example out there. Sigma makes some alternative ones that are cheaper too.
The 60mm macro lens doesn't offer all that much working distance, which comes into play if you're shooting bugs. For static subjects, it's not as critical, but may still be a PITA, especially if you're using a light tent (shed).

For lighting, constant lights will be fine. A cheap alternative is to get 5500K (daylight) bulbs that can go in any household lamp. Then you can use / make cheap modifiers to throw the light where you wish.
can u give a suggestions on how to put the 2 sb600 when ill use the light shed?
Put one of yuor left and one on your right, the one of the left pointing at your backdrop and the one on the right at the subject. Then a main light at the right of the subject, actually scratch that the main light at the backdrop the two seconday lights from each side. Then another light from up top.
can u give a suggestions on how to put the 2 sb600 when ill use the light shed?
This may be more elaborate than you need, but I used 4 flashes with soft boxes and a reflective umbrella for a product shot. There was to NO shadows on the product so the company could use for multiple applications.

wow. looks amazing. i dont see that you are using sb600 there. only 2 light spot.

i will loook good to jewelry also?
on what the product is standing?

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