DSLR HD video vs HD camcorder video - Any difference in image quality?


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Mar 14, 2009
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Toronto, Canada
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Ignoring all features except the record button :) I was just curious what the difference is in terms of image quality for video shot at the same resolution and framerate - say we are comparing a Sony DSLR with one of the better Sony consumer HD camcorders. Which one would have the best image?
red car vs yellow car, which one drives faster?
the reason I ask is because I've shot some video recently with the Sony NEX 5N and honestly compared to one of the Vixia Canon camcorders I used last year, the Canon video looked much cleaner than the Sony video. I thought that the DSLR sensors would outperform the camcorders but apparently not.
I have a Sony HDR-CX150 camcorder and I can't really compare it to the a65. It's a bit like comparing a point and shoot with a DSLR.
To answer the question a little more than quality, DSLRs have amazing quality but as much manual adjustments as camcorders, yes u can buy external manual adjustments, but camcorders already have things u won't need to add on, for the most part.

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