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Dec 27, 2007
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Are cameras manufactured by companies like Olympus and Cannon are likely to be stable? i mean the system and the functions. I've bought a Sony Alpha 100 after i was informed that Sony took over Konika Minolta which is my favourite brand and the features of their cameras really suit my preferences.. so, i think for photographers who are wondering what camera to purchase, pls know what you want in a camera and do some research..i'm actually kinda irritated because there's many threads asking about " What Camera Should I buy??"..
Cannon and Nikon are the top camera manufacturers, I don't know where Olympia ranks but I'm sure it's up there.
can i ask somethg?? how do you disply your cameras in the forum issit under signature??
Go to user cp, edit signature, and then type in the box.
thx thx thx =) you guys are good i thnk, this forum is pretty impressive and the response for every thread is amazing thx =) i'll invite other photographers to join this forum =)
yeahh my 3 desktops and 2 laptops are good hehehehe
thx again for the info..and again, a question, how many ranks are there in this forum?? and how many posts to reach the next rankk??

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