Ducks and geese

Discussion in 'General Gallery' started by mkedre, Mar 5, 2005.

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    Went to take some pictures at a lake today. What do you think? Also, I had 400 speed in my camera but forgot to change it from 200...what effect does that have? I told the developers. Should I crop the duck out of the 2nd one?



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    The colour of the water is gorgeous in both your photos! but especially the first one.

    I wouldn't crop the duck out of the second one, because then your lovely white goose thing would be in a funny spot in the pic. But I would get rid of it using Photoshop or something. Try and replace the duck with some more water.

    The only difference I notice between 200 and 400 film is the grain. Generally as the number gets bigger, the grains get bigger. So 100 film is very fine and can be enlarged larger than 400 film. Of course the actual picture you've originally taken effects enlarging as well.

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