Duracell alkaline batteries for flash?


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Dec 7, 2013
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Hey, I am trying to plan for my trip to Costa Rica for the 3rd time and of course I'm going into panic mode wondering if I'm doing it right.

Right now I am trying to plan for the batteries for my flash an ring light. I usually and always have used Duracell alkaline batteries they don't last long but they are cheap.
I have 13 days in Costa Rica. I have 8 chargeable AA batteries but I have 5 days without power in the jungle. Will 48 AA Duracell batteries be enough. I mean it is enough because that's a lot of batteries ( they are 20 bucks and Costco haha) but is that to much to bring on a plane will security cause any problems or am I going with the complete wrong battery. I just want to make sure I have enough batteries seeing as everything I do is in the dark so flash is needed.

I also need 20 or so batteries AAA for lights. So a lot of batteries lol.

Do you expect to be shooting none stop for 24 hours for the 13 days?

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I am going to be using my flash a lot maybe 1000 pictures a day or more. But not 24 hours no. So do you suggest 4 batteries for each light per 2 days?
I'd say your on the right track. Would an inverter be lighter? NiMH batteries recycle faster and are a better choice for speedlights, as you're probably aware.

What part are you visiting? I have spent a month at Playa Guiones in Nosara. I haven't been since 2008! It's eating me up right now since it's so cold in the Mid-Atlantic!
If you have/are shooting that many flashes you should have a VERY good idea as to how many flashes a set of batteries will give on average. Also you might not be aware of it but Costa Rica is a pretty developed place, they sell batteries there! ;)
It's my 4th time where I am going there is nothing. I will be so far in the jungle I have to hike to the location and take a horse because vehicles don't fit lol. I am staying in Boca Tapada area then Rara Avis. I'm also unsure because I just bought my first flash two weeks ago lol. I always used flash lights. Now I own a 60mm and a flash so in set haha. Along with other lenses.

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