Early Spring Blossoms


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Nov 27, 2011
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St. Louis
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Headed over to the park today for my afternoon walk. The magnolia trees were already in full bloom -- very beautiful and fragrant.


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i almost perceived its fragrance...wonderful flower and shot...and this is a quite rare angle to look at a flower :D

Glad you like it. This is a new magnolia recently planted and it had blossoms low enough that I could get above them. The tree is in Tower Grove Park in St. Louis city. The park was given to St. Louis by Henry Shaw immediately after the Civil War. Along with the park Shaw donated his city estate and gardens (right across Magnolia street) which became the St. Louis Botanical Gardens -- internationally renowned.

Shaw was an amateur arborist and he had Tower Grove Park originally planted with over 100 species of trees. The city is contractually bound to maintain the park as an arboretum. I'm fortunate to live two blocks away and to be married to a botanist. Spring in the park never disappoints.

Very nice composition. Looking forward to the blooms here on Long Island.

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