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Jun 15, 2010
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Am looking for the easiest site to post picture here in the forum for c&c. I tried valiantly to post from my NAPP portofolio only to meet disaster. TIA
Just use flickr. It's pretty easy and I even think someone on this site made a video on how to post from there.

I don't know about now but photo bucket used to have a disclaimer that when you post on their site they have the rights to your photos. Flickr not only gives you all your rights but also blocks people from copying them and photobucket does not. I use flickr for my favorite photos and joining groups. I use photobucket for my crap. Flickr albums and searches are also very easy to use. You will also be in the first of options when someone does a google search about somthing and your photo has somthing to do with the search. You can also make individual photos private or for friends and family while others are public. Flickr also allows you to easily download multiple photos without having to download a special program. You can also join the getty images group on flickr to have a chance a your pictures being used commercaily. As for now my flickr is just for my favorite photos that I want to share with the world. I can do so securely with protection from flickr.
Flickr also allows you to edit you phot through picnik and you can do alot of things with picnik. All my photos on my flickr page are edited only through their picnik.

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