Easter photos i need help and tips please


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Mar 28, 2009
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Greenville, South carolina
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Hi I am taking pictures of my girlfriend her mom and her son tomorrow at the local college near the lake. She wants some pictures of them dressed up in their Easter outfits. Her son is 22 monts old and hopefully we can bribe him to cooperate for us. One question is how do you act around kids while taking their pictures as far as getting them to cooperate and smile ? Second question well not a question but i need tips from whoever is willing to give them to me on what to do as far as how they should stand composition and we will be taking the pictures prolly around 2pm or 3pm eastern time. So the lighting shouldnt be a problem. Any tips and comments are appreciated, Thanks again.
I'm not a real kid person but generally, let the parent tell you what works. Children that young are all different and Mom or Dad are the best ones to give you tips on how to attract their attention, calm them down, etc.

As far as tips: Remember, the eyes have it; if nothing else is sharp, make sure the eyes are. Check your focus, KNOW where your camera is focusing and ensure you're using appropriate DoF to isolate the subject.

Choose your background, pick something fairly homogenous and of a contrasting colour. That is: While a green hedge might make an ideal background, if everyone is wearing green shirts, it's probably not the best choice.

Be cognizant of the light and shadows. Consider using reflectors or fill lights if necessary

Composition is really a personal choice; stroll through Flickr or other 'sites to get ideas. Don't forget to ask them if there are any poses they like. Consider having the mother sitting and the childrend standing behind her, or sitting on the ground at her feet.
Ok as far as i know landin the little one will be wearing white and she will be wearing orange.

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