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Jan 18, 2009
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Galloway/Columbus Ohio
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I tried getting a few Easter shots of my little one. She WOULD NOT cooperate at all. I was lucky to get what I did get and I'm really not too happy with them, but figured I'd share them anyhow. I might give it another try another day.





these are very cute
i love your composition and the colours that you used
the only thing that's a major distraction for me is the background...
wrinkly fabric is not becoming
1, 2 and 4 are my favorite shots
soooo cute :)
Yea I hate the wrinkles in the muslin but I've tried everything and can't get them out. Someone told me to put it in the dryer on the de-wrinkle mode....didn't do anything at all. I tried a little bit of heat and it just wrinkled more. I don't have a steamer so short of editing every since photo with the wrinkles, I'm not sure what to do other than add textures to the photos. I hate it. :(
she looks like she's gonna kill you in the 4th pic. she has that "you're going to pay for this one day" look on her face. lol
Actually she's a very "serious" baby. People comment on it all the time. She always has this serious look on her face (not saying that she don't ever smile) and some times you'll do something and she'll just look at you like you're a fool. :lol: Everyone thinks she's so much more mature for her age...which sounds weird, but I know exactly what they mean.

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